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Equities as an asset class continues to be an important part of all investors’ portfolios. The management and solutions of equities has changed over the years with the evolution of portfolio construction techniques and quantitative and risk analysis. With the advent of factor investing, and quantitative investing resulting in smart beta, investors need to question what is alpha, how do they get it and what they will pay for.

The Conexus Financial Equities Summit will tackle questions such as:

  • Does the equity risk premium still exist, what is its real value and what should you pay for it?
  • Are factors such as small cap, growth, momentum and value alpha or beta?
  • A 50 per cent equities allocation can account for 90 per cent of the portfolio risk. Should investors be using more sophisticated portfolio construction techniques and allocate according to underlying risks and not capital allocations?
  • Should investors still have separate allocations to emerging markets, international and domestic equities or should allocations evolve?

The event will bring together chief investment officers, heads of equities and portfolio managers from Australia’s largest asset owners to discuss the latest global outlook for equities, the latest thinking in portfolio management, and best practice solutions for equities portfolios.

Please note: Registration is only open to asset owners and consultants.

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Adele Brown
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Lucy Hannemann
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